How Vanpools Work

Vanpools are more formal arrangements than carpools. A vanpool group is six to fifteen people who have agreed to ride to work together in a larger vehicle to get them to work. Drivers must be approved by Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride Vanpool members are required to sign an agreement that outlines the nature of the service. Members looking to become drivers must complete the driver portion of the agreement.

A vanpool also has a group leader that may or may not be the primary driver. This person is known as the Point of Contact (POC). This person keeps records, submits them monthly, manages vehicle fueling, oil changes, and coordinates other maintenance needs with Ticket to Ride staff.

When searching for a vanpool to get you to work, you will first ask to join the group. (If no seats are presently available, your name is added to a wait list.) You will be contacted when a seat is available, and you'll be asked to sign the member agreement.

Each vanpool member is required to make a monthly payment. Drivers who drive 75% or more of the month get to ride for free. Other drivers are awarded credit against their monthly fare depending on how often they drive.

Have our web site search for you. Just like carpools, if you don't initially find a vanpool route, enable our New Match Alert Feature. Our web site will periodically check for new or updated vanpool route profiles that match to you, and you'll be notified automatically.