Park & Ride FAQ

  1. What is a park & ride lot? A park and ride lot is a parking lot that travelers and commuters can use as a meeting point to carpool, vanpool, bikepool and/or ride transit to their final destinations.
  2. Is there a cost to park at a park & ride lot? That is up to the entity that owns the lot. At this time, none of the Park & Ride lots available on the TARC Park & Ride List charge for parking in their lot.
  3. Do I need a permit to park in a park and ride lot? Do I have a reserved space? No. Permits are not used at park & ride lots listed on this website. Park & ride lots are on a first come first serve basis. It is wise to have an alternate lot planned with your carpool, vanpool or bikepool, and plan to arrive early.
  4. If I go to a park & ride lot will there be a ride waiting for me? No, unless you have already made arrangements to meet with carpool or vanpool partners. If you are parking in the lot to use transit, please check the schedule to find out when you need to be there to meet the bus. Carpools and vanpools are prearranged through your worksite or the Ticket To Ride ridematching database. To register for ridematching services visit Once registered, you will be able to find matches to form/join carpools, vanpools and bikepools or find transit service.
  5. Are Park & Ride lot owners liable for damages to vehicles? No. Owners of the park & ride lots are not liable for any theft or damages that occur as a result of parking in the lots. Park & ride lot users are encouraged to secure their vehicles and remove valuables from plain sight, secure/remove valuables in sight and report suspicious activity.
  6. Who owns and maintains the Park & Ride lots? Park & Ride lots in the KIPDA region as well as those offering service to the KIPDA region (such as those located in Elizabethtown, for example) are owned and maintained by various entities including the Commonwealth of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), local cities, private entities, counties, and transit agencies.