Vanpool FAQ

  1. Are vanpools for work trips only? Yes, the Ticket to Ride Vanpool Program offers vanpool services for work trips only at this time.
  2. What if I just want to ride (not drive)? Vanpools should have at least two drivers (a primary driver and back-up driver in the event the primary driver is not available to drive), but the rest can be riders. Anyone entering a vanpool should have a signed agreement with Ticket to Ride as well as pay a $75 refundable deposit.
  3. What if I'm willing to drive? Drivers must undergo background checks to become a driver and be approved by Ticket to Ride prior to being permitted to drive. Primary Drivers (must drive at least 75% of the month) ride for free in exchange for their driving duties and are allowed up to 200 personal miles per month.
  4. What does the vanpool Point of Contact (POC) do? The Point of Contact, or POC, is the person in charge of keeping the vanpool paperwork updated and current, including filling out monthly ridership & vehicle usage reports, making sure the vehicle is fueled and getting oil changes at 3,000 mile intervals. The POC also acts as the Point of Contact between Ticket to Ride staff and other members of the vanpool. If there a person interested in joining their vanpool, Ticket to Ride will contact the POC. If there are rules that need to be decided or a vote taken on a proposed new member, the POC leads those efforts.
  5. What if I need to get home in an emergency? Ticket to Ride offers the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program for any vanpooler registered with Ticket to Ride should you have an emergency requiring you to leave work before your scheduled vanpool departure time. This benefit is available up to four times within a year to anyone who registers with Ticket to Ride as using a carpool, vanpool, or transit in our area. The goal of the program is to make it easy, efficient and affordable to get home in the cast of illness or an emergency. For more information on the ERH Program, visit our ERH FAQ page.
  6. How many people are needed to start a new vanpool? Seven people are needed to start a new vanpool.
  7. How does the Wait List process work if the vanpool I want to join doesn't have any empty seats? If no seats are currently available, you'll be added to a waiting list for that vanpool. Ticket to Ride monitors the waiting lists, and if there are seven (7) or more people on a waiting list for a specific vanpool, Ticket to Ride will contact the people on the wait list to see if there is interest in forming a new vanpool from that location, depending on the availability of vehicles.
  8. How do I start a new vanpool? Contact Ticket to Ride ( or call 502-267-5400) for assistance in starting a new vanpool. You may also use the Ride Finder tool to see if there are any carpool match participants you may contact to see if they would be interested in forming a new vanpool.
  9. Can the vans be used to shuttle employees? No, the vehicles in the Ticket to Ride Vanpool Fleet can be used for traditional vanpooling purposes only, which means they can be used to make one round-trip commute per day.
  10. How is the vanpool route determined? In the process of forming a vanpool, Ticket to Ride staff works with the POC and members of the vanpool to determine the best route based on everyone's home and work locations. Vanpools do not pick up passengers at their homes; rather, vanpool members meet at a Park & Ride location, board the van to work, then are dropped off at that same location at the end of their work day. When a new passenger is proposed to be added to an existing vanpool and their worksite is close but not a current stop, the existing members of the vanpool may decide to change the route to accommodate the new work location. In order to keep commute times to a minimum and or/parking/efficiency purposes, some groups may decide require some or all members to walk a block or two to their final worksite destination and back to the central location to pick up the van at the end of the work day.
  11. How much does it cost to vanpool? Fares vary based on the monthly mileage, fuel cost, and total monthly passenger count. See our billing page for an explanation of how monthly vanpool fares are calculated.
  12. Is there an application fee to join a vanpool? No, there is no application fee to join.
  13. Is there a deposit to join a vanpool? Yes, there is a refundable $75 deposit to join a vanpool. This must be paid prior to joining following approval from the POC and completion of the membership agreement. It will be refunded to you after paying your final invoice in full after cancelling your vanpool membership.
  14. Is any assistance available to help pay my vanpool fare? Financial assistance may be available through your employer to pay your vanpool fare. More information about how your employer may help with your vanpool fare is available from the National Center for Transit Research.
  15. How long do I have to join? Membership on a Ticket to Ride Vanpool is month to month, and members are required to provide a 30-day (or more) notice to their vanpool's POC as well as to Ticket to Ride staff. If your employer is providing any benefits to you to pay your fare, you must also notify your employer about the cancellation of your service.
  16. Do I have to ride every day or can I ride part-time? While you are not required to ride every day (we know people have meetings, doctor's appointments and other obligations that will require them to drive their own vehicle from time to time), we do not currently allow part-time riders. In other words, whether you ride on the vanpool each commuting day of a month or not, your fare will be based on riding for the month. We do not currently pro-rate any monthly fare for part-time riding, unless you join a vanpool mid-month.
  17. How do I cancel my membership? In order to cancel your membership, you must complete a membership cancellation form 30 days or more prior from your last day of riding with the vanpool. You may fax your completed form to us at 502-266-6032 or scan it in and attach it to an email addressed to
  18. How old must you be to be a vanpool member and vanpool driver? You must be 18 years of age or older to be a vanpool member. Drivers must be 25 years of age or older.
  19. How is determined who will be the driver? A new vanpool group typically discusses who will be the driver based on interest, location of home and work, and approval from Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride requires every vanpool to have at a minimum, one primary driver, and one back-up driver; however, groups may also elect to have unlimited alternate drivers.