Transit FAQ

  1. What about the Inter-City Bus Service in Bullitt County or the Oldham County Public Bus Service? At this time, the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) is the only public transit system in the region connected to Google, and therefore, the only system we have the ability to display through the ride finder. For more information concerning the Bullitt County Inter-City Bus Service, please call 502-561-3690. For more information and schedule for the Oldham County Public Bus, please visit
  2. What am I in for if I want to use the bus? When viewing your matches page, note the routes and times at the transit stops. You'll be expected to be at the transit stop 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to be at the stop, and have your fare ready. For additional tips on riding, please see
  3. Can I use ERH if I ride transit? Yes, Ticket to Ride administers the ERH Program for anyone who has registered with Ticket to Ride as a Transit user and uses public transit services provided by the Transit Authority of River City (TARC), the Bullitt County Inter City Bus, and/or the Oldham County Public Bus. The ERH Program may be used by any registered transit rider if the nature of the emergency is such that transit service is not available when you finally leave work – such as when unplanned overtime occurs, or if you need to go somewhere other than home where there is no transit service, such as to a school to pick up your child when he or she is ill.
  4. Riding after dark. Be sure you are wearing light colored clothing and/or signaling the driver with a lighted device, such as a cell phone or a flash light.
  5. What is the fare to ride the bus and am I eligible for a free or reduced fare? Free or discounted passes for buses might be available by reason of age, youth, student status, or disability, etc. For information on TARC fares, please see For the Oldham County Public Bus Service, please visit, and for the Bullitt County Inter-City Bus Service, please call 502-561-3690.
  6. Make sure you catch your bus going in the right direction. Don't just go by the route number. At some stops along a route, buses may use the same bay for both directions of travel so if you just go by the route number you may end up on a bus taking you farther away from your destination. If you're not sure, ask the driver before you board and pay your fare.
  7. Getting off at the right stop. When you need to get off of the bus, pull the hanging cord to indicate to the driver that you want the bus to stop. Pull the cord when you're about a block from where you need to get off of the bus.
  8. Take it all with you. Before you get off, make sure you have all of your belongings with you.